About Demolition Kings

At Demolition Kings Australia we provide the upmost service to cater to the construction, infrastructure and industrial sectors. All of our individuals are well equipped/qualified with the correct tools and knowledge to ensure the task at hand gets completed stress-free and to work covers standards. Our accredited employees will ensure the removal method dependent on the job, will be the most economical yet effective method to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Demolition Kings Australia is licenced to remove both friable asbestos and non friable (bonded) asbestos.


“To better tomorrow, we must accomplish today”

Simply put, Demolition Kings Australias’ goal is to create a better future. How? We have assembled a team of professionals to part-take in our journey to better our present and our future by assigning them to tasks that must meet our high standards.

Cleanliness and work ethnicity is our main priority, all our team members are qualified and certified with wealth of knowledge gained from over 20 years of working in the construction industry.

Our jobs and services include;

  • Asbestos removal
  • Demolition
  • Environmental remediation
  • Labour hire

We cooperate with our clients to ensure flexible, expert and worry free outcomes.

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